When the time comes to change the wax in your warmer it is really important to ensure you clean it in a safe way.

I see lots of people offering hints and tips about this online. Whilst there are great ways to clean your warmer our there we only recommend one way to do this.

The key thing to remember is that all wax warmers, electric or tea light are fragile. If you put pressure on them to remove wax they are likely to break.

It is best to wait until your wax is fully cooled before trying to remove it. When the wax is a solid mass the best way to release and remove it is to add a little bit of heat. In a tea light warmer get yourself a fresh candle and light about. Thirty seconds of heat is usually enough to loosen the solid mass of wax and then to be able to remove it. All it should take is a gentle push of the fingertips for it to come out of the warmer. Remember that wax gets hot. We suggest using a piece of kitchen roll to cover your fingertips as you remove the wax. You can then throw the wax away and clean your warmer before starting again.

With electric warmers you will find it takes a little longer to release the wax. Pop your light on and wait a few minutes. What you will see is a tiny bubble in the middle of the wax as it starts to melt. When you see this it is time to remove the wax from the dish. Again it should only take a push of the fingertips to remove. The electric warmers come in a range of designs and it is fair to say some of the dishes are easier to get the wax out of than others. You may find with some that it is better to cover your finger tips with a piece of kitchen roll and scoop the softened wax out.

When washing your wax dish or cleaning your warmer please ensure that you use only soapy warm water. Items such as furniture polish are flammable.

What you shouldn’t do….

Use any blunt object to remove the wax whether it is slightly soft or hard. This puts pressure on the warmer and it is at risk of breaking.

Place the warmer or dish in a freezer. The extreme of cold can also cause hairline cracking which may not be as noticeable.  This can lead to a risk of fire.

Soak hot wax up. There is a risk you may burn yourself.


It is essential that after cleaning and before using your warmer again that you inspect it to ensure there are no cracks or issues with it. Used in the correct way wax warmers are very safe. Issues arise when there is user error. Stay sae.