Getting back to normal… well normal- ish!!!

It has been a while since I posted a blog. I know it is something I should do as it helps the website along but it has been such a whirlwind of a year. Can you believe we are moving into September already? I hope you are all well, and have started to get used … Continued

How we are operating during the Covid-19 crisis.

I have written this blog as a means to pull together various pieces of information that I have shared online with my customers during the Covid-19 crisis. I have put this together as a question and answer format to try and help you get answers to your questions easily. Are you still open? The shop … Continued

Mothers Day is fast approaching

Here I am sat writing this blog and it is almost the end of February. How did that happen? It seems like just 5 minutes ago I was closing up the shop for Christmas. Now we are almost two whole months into 2020. Time really does fly. This of course means that we are coming … Continued

Our month end new fragrance launch is almost here!!

Each month I try to add some new fragrances to our collection. Naturally that means I have to retire some but it also means that you can add something new and delicious to your collection. This month we have some really stunning new scents and also some old school perfume and aftershave fragrances that will … Continued

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby a stunning new fragrance!!

Every now and again a fragrance comes along and it knocks you off your feet. For fruity fragrance lovers this is the one for you!! A vibrant fruity blend with notes of Ruby Red Lingonberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & Tart Cassis interwoven with a Citrus blast of Sweet Orange, Bergamot and Aldehydic top notes. A creamy … Continued

We have been nominated in the Yorkshire Choice Awards!!!!

I have some fantastic news!!!!!! The business, my amazing team and I have been nominated in the YORKSHIRE CHOICE AWARDS!!!!! To say I am pleased, proud, overwhelmed, excited and jumping up and down about this is an absolute understatement. I could cry!!!!! We have been nominated in not 1, not 2 but 3 categories!!!!! WOW!!!! … Continued

Cleaning your wax warmer safely.

When the time comes to change the wax in your warmer it is really important to ensure you clean it in a safe way. I see lots of people offering hints and tips about this online. Whilst there are great ways to clean your warmer our there we only recommend one way to do this. … Continued

Electric Warmers and Lightbulbs

The use of electric warmers to fragrance your home is now far more popular than using the traditionally used tealight warmers. In most cases people who use an electric warmer use either one that is heated by a lightbulb or alternatively a hot plate type warmer. The hot plate type ones are generally used by … Continued

What are wax melts?

    Wax melts came about many years ago when candlemakers often known as in the industry as chandlers were looking for ways in which to use the leftover wax when making their candles. This was often poured into metal tart trays (just like used in pastry baking) and so they became known as wax … Continued