3D Burst Colour Changing Warmer


Our Colour Changing 3D Warmers are part of a new exciting range that is joining us in 2021.

This warmer uses LED power which will means that bulbs will never need changing. It is operated with an on off switch. Over around 90 seconds the colour will change through a sequence of gentle changes. Watch our video!!

The wax is heated on a plate on the top via a hot plate.

These warmers come with comprehensive instructions on the boxes which should be fully read before use.

Please ensure that you remove old wax from your warmer dish by gently warming the wax when it is solid and removing using a piece of kitchen roll whilst still solid. Never use any instrument to remove the wax or put any pressure on the dish as it will cause breakages. Dishes should not be placed in freezer or in boiling water as this can lead to cracking.

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