Soap Sponges


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Our soap sponges will revolutionise the way in which you wash!!

It is simple really – these sponges come pre-soaked with fragranced soap in a range of fabulous fragrances, many of which are similar in style and type to scents you know and love.

Lightly wet the sponge whilst in the shower or bath and wash.The soap will release from the sponge as it is used. Keep it in a dry area, don’t over wet it and it will last around 2-3 weeks.

These sponges are perfect for holidays and weekends away. If you are travelling hand luggage only you won’t have to worry about liquids in your suitcase either.

They make great gifts too. Why not team them up with a bath bomb in a matching fragrance. As they come in a range of feminine and masculine fragrances there is something for everyone.