Christmas Carpet Perfume


Add fragrance to your home when you are doing the housework.

Our carpet perfume is designed to be sprinkled on your carpet, left for a few minutes (the longer the better) and then hoovered off, leaving a fabulously fragranced carpet. It also leaves your vacuum cleaner smelling fresh.

Our carpet perfumes are pet safe, allow your pet back onto the carpet after you have hoovered.

Available in a wide range of fragrances including designer and laundry duplications.

As a handmade product you may at times find that the product has wet spots. Larger brands who mass produce carpet fresh will use huge machines to dry the product out. Our handmade products have been made with love and care, and are far more fragrant than the big brands. If you experience a wet spot inside your product remove the lid and use a dinner knife to loosen the product inside.