Touch Silhouette Warmers



These beautiful silhouette burners are lined with a shimmering material to give a truly luxe design. We have so many to choose from too – the decision on which one is sure to be difficult.

With touch activation and three level of lights they are the perfect way to warm your wax whilst creating a beautiful source of light within your home.

These warmers come with comprehensive instructions on the boxes including details of the bulbs to be used. Ensure you have read these and retain for future reference. The lamps require a very light touch to activate and a few seconds between each touch up and down of the light to prolong the life of your bulb. It is also best to unplug your warmer at the wall when not in use.

Please ensure that you remove old wax from your warmer dish by gently warming the wax when it is solid and removing using a piece of kitchen roll whilst still solid. Never use any instrument to remove the wax or put any pressure on the dish as it will cause breakages. Dishes should not be placed in freezer or in boiling water as this can lead to cracking.