Tealight Warmer Ceramic



This beautiful range of ceramaic wax burner are the perfect way to warm your wax. And at just £8 each they are budget friendly too.

Our tea light warmers come with comprehensive instructions on how to use them and how to care for them. Some general reminders are;

Only use good quality 4 hour burn tea lights. We do not recommend the use of long burn tea lights.

Always place your tea light warmer on a heat resistant surface such as a candle plate or coaster ( we have matching plates available for some of our warmers).

To clean your warmer; it is best to wait until your wax is a solid mass, gently heat for around 45 seconds. Remove the solid wax as a disc and then wipe.

Never use any object to remove the wax. If the wax does not push away with the gentle push of a fingertip it needs more heat.

These warmers are fragile, care for them gently.