Spa & Floral Type Clam Packs



Clam packs are often used by some of the big manufactured brands to sell scented wax. The contain several portions that you break off and use a portion of.

Our packs have six big sized cubes in them. You can probably get two uses out of one cube if you wanted to chop it up, otherwise pop the whole cube in your warmer.

Our wax melt clam packs are made on a limited edition basis. Fragrances do not often stay around long!

The plastic clam pack can be recycled in both the Hull and East Riding area so be sure to put it in your recycling.

All of our products are handmade with love and care. You may find that from time to time there are slight variations in the colours in our products because they are handmade.

Remember to follow all of the safety instructions that came with your wax warmer – either on the box or on the label at the bottom. We have a blog on safety on our site. General reminders are;

Never leave a warmer unattended. Use within sight at all times.

Place your warmer on a heatproof mat.

Never add water or fragrance oil to your wax.