Frankincense & Myrhh Melt Pots

Our wax melt pots come in a wide variety of fragrances. Buying a smaller amount of wax means that you can try more fragrances. We use a blended wax which is very soft. Using a normal dinner knife cut your wax melt into 4-6 pieces and pop a portion into your warmer. Simply pop on your source of heat, sit back, and relax. Within a matter of minutes, your room will begin to be filled with beautiful fragrances. Some fragrances even travel throughout your home.



** Please do not put our wax pots onto your warmer – it is not safe to do this. If you do use a warmer in which you place the plastic pot into it, keep a pot that came with your warmer and decant our wax into that pot to use safely.


All of our products are handmade with love and care. You may find that from time to time there are slight variations in the colours in our products because they are handmade.


On average a portion of wax will last around 6 – 8 hours but it does depend on how it is being warmed. Some fragrances will last much longer than this and it also depends on your sense of smell too. We recommend mixing up your fragrances. Whilst it is fabulous to have your favourite if you melt the same fragrance all the time you may become nose blind to that scent. Have a change try something else and go back to your favourite – you may even find new fragrances that become your favourite by doing this.


Remember to follow all of the safety instructions that came with your wax warmer – either on the box or on the label at the bottom. We have a blog on safety on our site. General reminders are;

Never leave a warmer unattended. Use within sight at all times.

Place your warmer on a heatproof mat.

Never add water or fragrance oil to your wax.

Do not touch hot wax.