What are wax melts?

We get asked this question a lot! Don’t panic….  its not a silly question. We have written a more detailed blog on what wax melts are .. find it here.


Will my wax disappear as it is heated?

This also gets asked lots. The answer is no. Unlike a candle which burns away as it is sat within the flame a wax melt will not disappear. As it is heated the fragrance oils burn off, eventually your wax will no longer smell and it will need replacing. Follow our instructions on how to clean your warmer here (LINK).


Do you use essential oils in your wax?

Our wax is made using quality fragrance oils. This enables us to create a wide range of scented wax, some of which are designer duplications for you to enjoy. Essential oils do not work well on a consistent basis in wax.


Do you use soy wax?

The answer to this yes, we do use soy wax but not alone. We use a soy and parrafin blend which we blend ourselves. It is more than 85% soy, the addition of a small element of parrafin helps with the scent throw, colour adhesion and means that our wax is shiny.


Can we return our jars or bottles for them to be refilled?

Unfortunately the answer to this is no. Our fragranced wax and room spray is that fabulous that no matter how much a jar or bottle is washed the scent can never be removed from it. This means that we cannot use it to put any other fragrance in it. Our business has evolved very quickly and we are working within restricted space and storage. We also struggle within the shop for space to display our product range as it has expanded. We really didn’t expect to be as successful so quickly! In the future we hope to move our making into a unit with increased storage space and at this stage we plan to look at providing the option to buy refill packs for our best selling fragrances to our online customers.  All of the glass and plastic products that we sell are fully recyclable and so can be placed with your general recycling.


Are you bath and body products suitable for sensitive skin?

All of the ingredients which are used within our bath and body range are kind and gentle. Whilst we cannot categorically say that they are suitable for sensitive skin we can report that people who have used them with skin issues often return and buy more. The packaging for the products has full allergen details on them. They are tested by a certified chemist and all products are assessed to EU standards.