Flash Sale Sunday on Electric Warmers!

Advent calendars are coming out this week and that means the countdown to the big day well and truly begins.

For many of you mums with small children, it means Buddy the Elf may return… or not!!! I love this yearly tradition but if I am honest I am not envious of the pressure to even remember to do it everyday never mind do something creative.

Buddy the Elf

Our in shop elf didn’t make it to us last year.. I think Covid restrictions prevented it!! But he will be back this year.

You can catch him getting up to daily mischief at Over the Moon Scents on our social media pages.

He may even give you inspiration for your own elf.

Christmas Bath Bombs

Christmas Bath Bombs

Now is the time to get stocked up with our Christmas Bath Bombs which are bound to sell out over the next fortnight. We have a fantastic range both to gift and to place in Christmas Eve boxes.

Perhaps your Buddy the elf could bring an Elf Boot bath bomb on one of his visits! We also know that lots of you have your own traditions like having festive food and treats when decorating your home.

A moment for you in the madness

Facial Steamers

I know how tough December can be for many of us. The pressures of shopping, entertaining, preparing for the big day, making sure the kids have all they need for school events etc etc. Within all this madness you need to try to make a little time for yourself.

Why not treat yourself to one of our new Botanical Facial Steamers. Available in an uplifting fragrance canned Be Happy or a relaxing fragrance called Sleepyhead.

All you do is pop a couple of tablespoons in a bowl of hot water, pop a towel over your head, lean over the bowl and inhale. A fabulous way for some me-time.

Flash Sale!!!

I am not a fan of Black Friday Sales which seem to have become the norm in the last few years. For a handmade business like mine in a competitive market its tough to slash prices like the big boys do.

I don’t know about you but I have tended to find that those Black Friday offers are just hype anyway! You can find the price at that price regardless!

As I know many of you will be shopping today either instore or online I decided to do a one day flash offer.

We are offering a 10% discount for today only on electric wax warmers and the vast majority of our plug in warmers.

10% off Electric Warmers today

Visit our website to view the offers where you can click and collect or choose delivery.

This offer ends at midnight tonight so be quick. It is also available until we close today at 4pm in the shop.

Corporate Gifting

We are proud to have been asked again to work with one of our biggest local employers to provide their staff with a choice of gift this Christmas. If you are responsible for buying gifts for your staff team then please get in touch and see if we can help you find that perfect present.

Pamper sets are popular this year for corporate gifts, and if you are not sure what to give then a Gift Voucher option could be just the thing.

Christmas Events

Don’t forget that it’s the Cottingham festival of Christmas next Sunday.