Wax melts came about many years ago when candlemakers often known as in the industry as chandlers were looking for ways in which to use the leftover wax when making their candles. This was often poured into metal tart trays (just like used in pastry baking) and so they became known as wax tarts. The melts are basically fragranced wax which when used with a source of heat fill your room and even your whole house with fragrance. Think of them almost as candles without the wick.


Wax melts began to be used in the UK around ten years ago with many of the large candle brands launching ranges of these. Over the years the industry has developed further with many small handmade wax makers trading and supermarkets and high street discount retailers recognising the popularity of wax melts over scented candles.


How do you use wax melts?

Wax melts no longer come in the form of just wax tarts – wax available includes pots, various shapes created in moulds, packs such as clam packs and brittle varieties. To enjoy your wax you use a portion in a warmer over a source of heat. The ideal portion size for most warmers is between 8g and 10g (on our listings of our products we will indicate what the correct size of portion is – don’t worry you don’t need to be weighing out your wax!) As the use of wax melts has increased so has the options to warm your wax. On our website you will find more traditional tealight type wax warmers and now electric warmers.


After you have lit or switched on your warmer you will find the scented wax starts to melt within minutes and your room will be fragranced. It is important to remember to follow the safety instructions that come on the warmers or on the boxes of the warmers that we sell. We also include more basic instructions on all of our listings.


When your wax no longer smells it is time to change it. The best way to remove your wax is by slightly heating it when it has cooled to a solid mass. Pop on your source of heat giving it from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes to start to heat up. You should then be able to remove your wax as a solid mass without the need for any force (never use any instrument to remove wax – when your wax is warm enough to remove a gentle touch of the fingertips will help it slide away). You can then clean your warmer using soapy water and start again. For more comprehensive cleaning instructions see out blog on this.


Why wax melts over candles?

  • Wax melts are generally better value for money than candles (meaning you can treat yourself more often!)
  • Unlike a candle which may burn for many days you use a portion of wax and can change your fragrance more regularly meaning you can have lots of different fragrances.
  • Often people complain about issues such as soot coming off candles – when used correctly with a good quality tealight you should not experience this with wax melts.
  • Wax melts generally give a much better level of fragrance that travels (called throw in the candle making industry) than candles. This is because we can use a higher percentage of oils in melts than candles.
  • Wax melts can also last a lot longer than a scented candle. The source of heat coming from underneath the wax rather than in it means that the fragrance within the wax burns off at a slower rate.
  • They are safer – when used correctly! There is no need to use a naked flame to heat your wax and fragrance your home. Electric warmers are extremely effective and very safe to use. When used correctly tealight warmers are also very safe. See our blog on using your warmer safely.