The use of electric warmers to fragrance your home is now far more popular than using the traditionally used tealight warmers. In most cases people who use an electric warmer use either one that is heated by a lightbulb or alternatively a hot plate type warmer. The hot plate type ones are generally used by large manufacturers of home fragrance products; whilst I test my wax on these warmers and they do work, I find that they do not work as well as lightbulb warmers.

Frequently asked questions about electric warmers


At OTMS we sell a wide range of quality electric wax warmers in a range of styles to suit your home. It is worth remembering that an electric wax warmer will generally not get quite as hot as a tealight warmer. This means that you may not get quite the level of strength of fragrance from an electric warmer that you do with a tealight. You will however get a good level of fragrance, and you will find that your wax will last longer in an electric warmer as the fragrance does not burn off quite as fast. I prefer using an electric warmer for convenience and peace of mind. They are much safer.It is worth noting that we now also sell a small range of wax warmers which use LED bulbs – these bulbs never need changing. They will work for around 20,000 hours.


It is important when you buy any warmer to ensure that you have fully read and understood the instructions that come with the warmer. You should retain this for future reference. Our warmers come with a bulb in them and so they are ready to use. In some of the warmers we sell the manufacturer provides a spare bulb (usually placed between the plug prongs) – unpack your burner carefully and put your spare bulb somewhere safe. It is important that you note down somewhere the type of bulb your warmer uses and the wattage level of the bulb. If you buy a lower watt bulb than is recommended for your warmer then it will not heat your wax adequately and you will not get the level of fragrance from your wax that you would with the correct bulb.


We cannot guarantee how long your bulb will last – there are many reasons why a lightbulb might pop including natural surges in power within your electric at home. It is best to buy a good quality bulb – many of our warmers use a GU9 bulb (wattage vary lamp by lamp).  These bulbs are available at a reasonable price in multi packs of ten online. Keep a few in spare in case your bulb goes; they are also available in electrical and DIY stores although you are likely to pay more for your bulbs this way. Be aware that many of the bulbs available in discount stores are generally lower wattage than is required for these lamps to work effectively.


If you are experiencing bulbs popping on a frequent basis it is likely to be the quality of the bulb or the way in which the lamp is being used that is causing this. Touch activated lamps should be touched very gently and allowed a second before touching again to go up or down to the next level. Touching them rapidly can cause bulbs to pop. With this in mind and for safety reasons keep them out of the reach of children. It is also best to switch off your warmer at the wall when not in use. The lamp itself will not cause the bulb to pop; it is a defective bulb similar to the bulbs that you use in lights in your home. They can and will need changing.