I have written this blog as a means to pull together various pieces of information that I have shared online with my customers during the Covid-19 crisis. I have put this together as a question and answer format to try and help you get answers to your questions easily.

Are you still open?

The shop is not open until further notice. When we are given the green light to re-open we will publish the date we will open again. We may not be able to automatically reopen as we will need to restock.

Is your online store open?

The British Government has stated that online retail is open and encouraged providing that staff working within that business can work safely. I have taken steps to ensure that the my team can work safely during this time. We are working at safe distances, with a small staff team whilst we take and pack customer orders. Our post is picked up in a non contactless manner and delivered to customers in a non contact manner. If the government state that we cannot trade online then we will close our online business immediately.

Can we collect our purchases from the shop?

I am sorry you cannot collect orders that you have made. We have been asked to only travel when it is essential and this is not a time when it is. In addition to this I will not allow visitors at the shop who can place my staff members at risk.

How long will it take to receive my order? 

Our usual aim is to despatch all customer orders within 3 working days of them being placed but inevitably we have seen a huge increase in the number of orders that have been placed online and we are not able to give any guarantee of how long it will take to turn your order around. Postal services are seeing a huge increase in demand for their services  and their delivery times are longer. Whilst we appreciate that you are keen to receive your goods or for your goods to be delivered to the people that you have gifted them to it would be appreciated if you could be patient. Receiving and responding to individual messages takes up time which could be used to continue to pack and turn around your orders. We really are working flat out. If you have paid £4.50 postage then your service is a tracked service, you will receive an order completion email from the website and then tracking via email / text message if you have entered your details correctly. Please check your junk mail as sometimes your email service may direct them there. If you check the tracking for your item and it states it is in Sheffield this does not mean it is stuck there or in the wrong place – it is simply being held there until the local service has capacity to deliver. If you have paid £1.50 for postage this is a Second Class Large Letter Postal service – this is NOT a tracked service. This service can take up to 14 days to arrive although in practice does usually arrive sooner. We use this service to keep the cost down for you. Please ensure that when you place an order that enter all of the details correctly as we cannot always rectify this after the order is placed.

Can we order over the phone? 

We are able to take telephone orders between 3pm and 5pm Monday to Friday. Telephone 01482 640666.

When will something be in stock?

I am working with our suppliers of bath and body products to try to ensure that as many of the products you love remain available for you to buy. The supplier of our wax warmers is currently closed. We have several pending orders with them but I really cannot answer as to when they will re-open and stock will become available to deliver to us.

In terms of the products that I make for you I am getting very little time at present to make product, when I do I am focusing on the things that you buy on a regular basis. I will be trying to keep sampler boxes available as these are cost effective to post and I know my customers love them. Some of my suppliers are not trading at present and this means that I will be unable to get hold of some of my best selling fragrances. If this situation continues longer term I may need to look at buying fragrances from other suppliers or having some made specifically for me. I have started to look at this as an option already. As soon as product is made it is added to the stock management system and shows on the website.

How do I ask a question to you? 

I am really missing seeing my customers face to face and I cant wait to get back to normal. I am going to be really honest and say that I am not able to manage the level of questions I am getting on both Facebook and Instagram. I am also receiving messages via email and through the contact us section of the page. This equates to around 180 plus contacts per day. Contacts come at all times of day and night and whilst I am working as hard as I can to keep your orders flowing I do need some time out. Lots of the questions that I am asked can be answered by searching on the Facebook page or if you are in the group then pop a post on there and the helpful wax addict community will try and help you. Alternatively please pick up the phone and call us on 01482 640666 between 9-5 Monday to Friday. A query can often be resolved in a matter of minutes on the phone.

Can I order a gift to be sent to a family member or friend? 

Absolutely… you can do this online or by telephoning the shop during our afternoon telephone ordering times. If you order online then please ensure you only order items to go to one address. You can add a short note within the NOTES section of the order and we will hand write this on a gift card. Please be aware that we will reserve the right to shorten the note to enable it to fit on the card. So please be kind but concise!!! Please also ensure that you enter the recipients name and address details correctly.

Thanks for your understanding during this strange and unprecedented time. Hope fully I will see you all very soon.

Much love ….

Cat xxx